The Cleveland Sandwich Club Visits BottleHouse Brewery and Their Blackberry Chicken Sandwich

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The BottleHouse Brewery is a must-visit for anyone interested in sour beers, but the unique community-centric brewery also specializes in mead and a variety of other styles worth checking out. The Cleveland Sandwich Club recently visited their Cleveland Heights location, diving into the blackberry chicken sandwich, topped with coleslaw and sesame sauce.

When we visited BottleHouse in early August, the chef was on vacation and the only person available to make food was Gilda, as the sign in front of the kitchen explained.

BottleHouse Brewery Inside Kitchen

BottleHouse Brewery Menu

But, if Gilda should ever read this, know you did a great job (and were incredibly friendly)! A blackberry chicken sandwich with sesame sauce is an intriguing combination I've never really considered, but it's an exceptionally sweet and tangy mix accented by the crunch of coleslaw. Full disclosure: I love a good coleslaw. You'll probably find that many of the Cleveland Sandwich Club offerings end up having coleslaw - it simply makes every sandwich better.

BottleHouse Brewery Sandwich

BottleHouse Brewery has a food menu as adventurous as its beer selection. In addition to the sandwich, they offered a gazpacho and lentil dahl as entrees, with sides that included gazpacho, chicken and orzo pasta salad, onigri, and ham and cheese spirals.

The other thing I like about BottleHouse is its devotion to fostering a true sense of community, eschewing TVs and opting to provide a wide variety of board games for patrons sitting at their shared tables. I've seen other bars do that, but providing some AM/FM radios for people to listen to Cleveland Guardians games is a really nice touch as well.

Good food, good beer, good people hanging out on a good patio. What's not to like?

BottleHouse Brewery Radios

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