Baseball T-Shirts

You like a good T-shirt, but you're looking for more. You need more sleeve. You crave more sleeve. You lie awake at night wondering when you'll get more sleeve - but not too much! You don't want a shirt that goes all the way to your wrists. No, the wrists need to breathe; everyone knows that. Plus you want to show off those wrists, along with your forearms while you're at it. 

We know how you feel. We know what you want. Which is why we've got a whole line of Cleveland-inspired 3/4 Raglan baseball shirts, just for you!

Raglan-style shirts have a really interesting history if you're into that sort of thing (we certainly are). But probably more important than anything, these baseball-style shirts just look great, and are the perfect complement to any type of weather. Which, if you know anything about Cleveland, makes them essential pieces of a wardrobe. 

This type of T-shirt really become a fixture of the '60s and '70s for its aesthetic appeal. You might also be wondering at this point too why it's also called a baseball shirt. Well, that one's pretty easy - this type of shirt became popular in Major League Baseball, which led to other name this shirt goes by.

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If you're looking to add a few new Raglan/baseball-style 3/4 shirts to your closet, be sure to keep checking here because we're always adding new designs that highlight the rich history of our fair city.