The Best Things About Living in the Midwest

Steve DiMatteo The Midwest

A Farm Field in the Midwest

If you live in the Midwest, you already know how great it is. But there's never a bad time to extoll the virtues of the region and everything it has to offer, just in case someone out there needs a little convincing.

So without further ado, here are seven reasons why living in the Midwest is the best:

The Weather

Not everyone loves the idea of experiencing every type of season to the most extreme degree, but that's just the kind of thing you'll get in the Midwest. You'll get hot and humid summers along with winters that produce so much snow you'll start forgetting what a sunny day even looks like. But at the same time, Midwesterners get to experience wonderful springs and often-mild autumns full of such vivid color. Living in the Midwest gives you a taste of everything, and what's not to like about that? 

The Cost of Living

It probably goes without saying that the cost of living in the Midwest is quite different than, say, on the coasts. Check any study and you'll find that the Midwest ranks near the top of the most affordable places to live. Even in major Midwest cities - if you're looking to be closer to the action - the cost of living is a shocking departure from what you'll find elsewhere. Northeast Ohio, for example, remains one of the most affordable regions in the entire nation.

We're Just Plain Nice

You might have heard that Cleveland, Ohio is home to the best tippers in the nation. But that's just one example of the generosity and overall pleasant nature of Midwesterners, who are at heart genuinely good people. And I'm not just saying that - there have been studies proving that Midwesterners have higher levels of "extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness" compared to people living in other regions.

The Diverse Geography Within Driving Distance

It feels like if you asked ten people what states comprise the Midwest, you might ge ten different answers. Officially, the Midwest is Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Are you going to see plenty of cornfields? Sure, but the natural beauty of the Great Lakes and national parks across the entire region rival anything you'll see somewhere else. Life might move at a more leisurely pace in the Midwest, but that just gives you more time to experience everything it has to offer geographically. 

The Food in the Midwest Is Underrated

When it comes to food, the Midwest really has it all. The region has a little bit of everything, from barbecue to Detroit-style pizza to pierogis to burgers to hot dogs to sandwiches to seafood and more (like Cincinnati chili, baby). Plus, the Midwest has a thriving craft beer scene to boot. Oh, and did I mention that the Midwest is home to Culver's, the greatest fast-food chain in the world?

This Is the Place to Be When Climate Change Swallows Us All

As the climate changes and more areas of the United States become susceptible to extreme weather events - hurricanes, extreme heat, etc. - the Midwest will continue to be an ideal place to live. Oh, and all those water problems that are plaguing the West? The Great Lakes (providing 21 percent of the Earth's fresh water) just so happen to be in the backyard of much of the Midwest.

The Midwest Is a Cultural Hub

Whatever it is you like to do, the Midwest has it. Music festivals, endless museums, cultural events, world-renowned amusement parks, vibrant art scenes - the list goes on and on. Not only will you never run out of things to do in a Midwest state, but you'll get to enjoy an enriching life in every possible way.

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