Squire's Castle Getting Renovations to Reflect Original 1890s Style of Building

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Squire's Castle Close View

Squire's Castle - which may or may not be as haunted as Franklin Castle - provides one of the most unique hiking experiences in Northeast Ohio. Built in the 1890s by Feargus B. Squire of the Standard Oil Co., the building standing today was meant as a gatehouse and caretaker's quarters and was modeled after German and English baronial castles (the main house was never actually built).

The area, now part of the North Chagrin Reservation after being sold in 1922 to a private land developer, is a popular spot not just for people curious about this unique building, but for hikers, picnic-seekers, and wedding parties.

And now, the popular castle is undergoing some renovations that will allow visitors to better imagine exactly how the gatehouse might have looked in the 19th century.

The Cleveland Metroparks recently gave an update on the progress being made:

Thanks to grants and generous donations, Cleveland Metroparks carpentry team is completing the last phases of exterior renovations of the historic Squire’s Castle. Over the next few weeks, dormers and cedar shake roofing will be installed to match the original style from when the castle was first built in the 1890s. The greenspace and trails surrounding the castle will remain open throughout construction.

Squires Castle Call to Action

With these renovations expected to be completed over the next few weeks, it'll come just in time for autumn, when the fall walks at Squire's Castle are nothing short of extraordinary. So if you're looking for something different to do as the seasons change this year, be sure to add the renovated Squire's Castle (on the exterior at least, but we can hold out hope for the interior in the future) to your list.

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