Say Goodbye to Vehicular Traffic on Ohio City's Market Avenue

Steve DiMatteo Cleveland News

Market Avenue Google Street View

Cleveland is on a quest to become a more walkable and accessible city environment - a "15-minute city," if you will, with the idea being that a person's daily needs are within a 15-minute walk, bike, or transit ride from one's home.

Part of that transformation into a far more inclusive and happier Cleveland includes shutting down vehicular traffic to certain streets. East 4th Street downtown has been open to just pedestrian access for decades now and it has revitalized the area into a prime destination for residents and tourists alike (the recent decision to turn East 4th into a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area doesn't hurt, either). 

Now, in Ohio City, the city of Cleveland has permanently closed vehicular access to Market Avenue, which stretches between West 25th Street and West 26th Street. Market Avenue is home to a variety of businesses, including Great Lakes Brewing Company, Koffie Café, Pearl Street Wine Market & Cafe, and Market Avenue Wine Bar.

Market Avenue is also, of course, right across the street from the West Side Market. And while you still have to cross West 25th Street to get to the market, turning Market Avenue into a pedestrian utopia should increase foot traffic in the area and help transform the space into something more usable for everybody. The possibilities for the space become a lot more expansive without cars mucking everything up.

Cleveland mayor Justin Bibb and his administration have fully embraced the idea of creating a more pedestrian-friendly, walkable city, and closing Market Avenue to vehicles was an easy step in the right direction. I've become something of a walkable city zealot myself recently, and the more street closures that entice residents to stroll around and visit local businesses, the better. It'll be an uphill battle, but over time, moves like this will only enhance Cleveland's continued revitalization efforts.

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