Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke: Which One Do You Say?

Steve DiMatteo

Soda Pop Can

It's one of the great debates in our country: Do you say pop, soda, or are you some kind of freak who calls everything Coke?

Have you ever wondered why you say the one you do? 

The answer probably doesn't come as too much of a surprise: It really all comes down to where you're located. For those of us in Ohio, you most likely call it pop. It's the preferred term for most people in the Midwest and the West, though you might run into a few strays up in these parts who call it soda.

That being said, soda is most often used in the Northeast (unless you're an old-timer in Boston, where tonic is the preferred term), Florida, and California, perhaps due to all the Midwest transplants living in those two states.

You can even contribute to this incredibly important research by going to popvssoda.com and putting in your hometown information and which term you use.

Soda or Pop: Which Is It?

But here's the thing - it's pop, okay? I could see the argument being made about soda, but pop just sounds better. It's one syllable, and it literally "pops" out of your mouth when you say it.

This is an argument that could rage on for all eternity, especially as people bring the term "soda pop" into the conversation to try and validate whatever side they're on. But hopefully the one thing we can all agree on is that it is TRULY nuts to call everything Coke and then have to give a server a specific flavor? Like... Pepsi Coke? What in the name of God's green Earth is going on down in the South, y'all?

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