Cleveland's 'Christmas Story' House Is Up for Sale - So Who's Buying It?

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Christmas Story House

The city of Cleveland was recently sent into a tizzy, as the legendary Christmas Story house was put up for sale. The certified Cleveland landmark was used in the exterior shots of Ralphie's home in the 1983 movie A Christmas Story, which has become a holiday classic thanks to its 24-hour marathon on TBS every Christmas.

Since then, Clevelanders have loved the house, located at 3159 West 11th Street. And since it was purchased in 2004, underwent major renovations to mimic the interiors in the film, and opened itself up to public tours in 2006, the Christmas Story house has become a destination for Clevelanders and tourists alike.

When the listing was announced, there was some trepidation that a new buyer would do the unthinkable like, say, move into the home (built in 1895) or, even worse, completely raze it. 

However, the current owner - Brian Jones - got on the house's Facebook page to assuage everyone's fears, saying the house would not be closing now or in the near future, that it would forever be protected as an official Cleveland landmark, and that he's selling because it is simply time to move on to other ventures. There's always the chance it will one day be closed to the public, but that doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon. Still, if you've never visited the house, it wouldn't hurt to add it to your holiday to-do list this year.

So, now that we know the Christmas Story house is officially here to stay for the time being, the only question left is: Which one of you is buying this Cleveland institution and continuing its legacy?

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