Cleveland Has the Best Restaurant Tippers in the United States

Steve DiMatteo

Breakfast Skillet at Collision Bend Brewing Company

If you live in Cleveland, you might already think that Northeast Ohio is home to some of the nicest, most generous people on the planet.

But here's some statistical proof to back that up!

According to a recent restaurant trends report from Toast, a digital platform for restaurants, Cleveland is home to the best tippers in the country

Toast compared 12 markets and the trends at both full-service restaurants and quick-service restaurants for both in-person and takeout orders. What the data shows is that Cleveland is the only market to tip above 20% (20.6%), making the city far and away the best-tipping dining scene out there.

Denver (19.8%), Salt Lake City (19.6%), Phoenix (19.5%), and Richmond, Virginia (19.3%) round out the top five.

Cleveland's Great Food Scene

The city has a fantastic food culture, which continues to get national attention. The late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain once had high praise for Cleveland (which any Clevelander will remind you of, like I just did), and if you do just a cursory Google search, you'll be bombarded with articles that sing the praises of Cleveland's food scene in various sets of rankings.

Cleveland also has a rich, compelling history with its restaurants. From Frank Sinatra's regular visits at Guarino's in Little Italy to the various celebrities, athletes, and gangsters who frequented the Theatrical Grill downtown, Cleveland not only produces world-renowned dining now, but sports a legendary history as well - including those beloved chains of yesteryear.

Just another reason to be proud of the Forest City.

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