Squire's Castle T-Shirt
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Squire's Castle T-Shirt

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Hey, did you know there's just a straight-up castle that's part of the Cleveland Metroparks in Willoughby Hills? Of course you did, that's why you're here. But you'll love this Squire's Castle shirt when you're walking the castle grounds again, maybe during a beautiful summer day or as the leaves start to turn their hundreds of different colors in the fall.

Squire's Castle Shirts

Wedding pictures, family picnics, romantic even strolls... all are a part of Squire's Castle's enduring charm and appeal. On any given afternoon, you will see families letting their children tire themselves out running in and around the castle that was meant to be the gatehouse for a main house that was never built. Also rumored to be haunted by the wife (Rebecca) of the builder, Feargus B. Squire, the Willoughby castle really does have a little bit of something for everyone.