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It's been gone so long that most people have forgotten or don't even know the role that Record Rendezvous played in the formation of making Cleveland the rock and roll capital of the world. And we're going to change that, starting with our Record Rendezvous T-shirt.

Rows and rows of new vinyl, the latest from each and every one of your favorite bands as well as the opportunity to pick up older offerings at a sale price... these are just a few of the reasons you could get lost at Record Rendezvous for hours at a time. They had everything, from the latest band posters to those diamond-head turntable needles needed to spin 45s and LPs an endless number of times, much to the chagrin of our parents.

The Record Rendezvous experience for me was that first taste of making a buying choice for myself, with my money and on my own terms. It was a great gathering spot for friends on any given Saturday afternoon. Not to mention the place played an outsized role in the formation of rock and roll as we know it. We pretty much have Record Rendezvous and owner Leo Mintz to thank for why we have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in the city in the first place.

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It's sad that the city of Cleveland hasn't done much to honor what is truly a music institution, and recent generations of Clevelanders might not even know at all just how big a role the city has played in the concept and evolution of rock music. But either way, we can start to change that narrative, thanks to this Record Rendezvous merch.