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Your Cleveland baseball team has a brand-new name, but we thought it could already use an upgrade. Who better to be a guardian of the city than Ghoulardi himself? Be sure to get your Ghoulardians T-shirt as the new era of baseball begins!

Cleveland Ghoulardians Shirt

Our beloved baseball team has undergone a complete transformation over the past couple years. It's a new identity steeped in the history of the city, honoring the Guardians of Traffic statues that sit just outside Progressive Field.

But in our minds, the team didn't go far enough - why don't we cram a little more Cleveland history into this new era of Cleveland baseball?

We Need Ghoulardians Apparel

By wearing this Cleveland Ghoulardians shirt, you'll be telling the team that you want another change, though not as drastic as the last one, so they should easily be able to accommodate. Future generations need to be educated on the city's beloved late-night host, and this is by far the best way to do it.